Protection and Restoration of the Environment XV
Greece, 2020



I M P O R T A N T: The venue activities of the Conference are cancelled due to COVID-19!!!


The Conference is organized by the Stevens Institute of Technology, from the USA, and the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Patras, in Greece.

The Conference will be attended by more than 200 scientists coming from different countries from all over the world. Several interesting papers will be presented, covering a vast spectrum of topics from water resources management, energy, water and solid waste management to economics, social and cultural issues.

The Protection and Restoration of the Environment Conference started as an effort to foster and promote scientific cooperation amongst Greek and Greek – descent scientists living both in Greece and abroad by KRIKOS, a scientific and cultural organization headquartered in New York. The proceedings of the PRE Conference Series (PRE I - PRE XIV) contain more than 2,200 scientific papers and they are made available for free download in


Important Announcement May 25, 2020

The Organizing Committee of the Conference requests the authors, who they have to revise their manuscripts, to return their revised manuscripts (by email: [email protected]) according to the reviewer's comments up to May 25, 2020, in order the e-Proceedings of the Conference to be finalized as soon as possible. These authors have to know that the delayed papers cannot be included in the e-Proceedings of the Conference.


Important Announcement


Dear authors and participants of the PREXV Conference,

The Organizing Committee of the International Conference “Protection and Restoration of the Environment XV” recognizes the seriousness and uncertainty of the situation regarding the Coronavirus pandemic and shares with you the concerns and difficulties associated with planning and your physical presence and participation in the venue. Therefore, the Organizing Committee regretfully decided to cancel the venue activities of the Conference that were planned to take place in Kalamata, Greece, from 7th to 10th of July 2020.

Nevertheless, the Organizing Committee in collaboration with the Scientific Committee will continue to complete all other activities, as follows:


1. The completion of the review process of the submitted papers and posters.
2. The preparation and edition of the volume of the PREXV e-Proceedings with ISDN.
3. The selection of the best paper and the best poster and honoring of the winning authors with the Excellent Scientists Awards (ESA).
4. The selection of the papers eligible for possible publication in specific issues of the journals announced on the Conference website.

The Conference Organizing Committee has decided to charge the fee of 50 Euros per paper or poster included in e-Proceedings in order to cover incurred and anticipated costs for the publication of the e-Proceedings. We will provide more details in future communications.

Our best wishes to you and your families at this difficult period.

The PRE-XV Organizing Committee



Important notes

After the acceptance of the paper/poster, the corresponding author of each paper is required to proceed with his/her payment through the secure payment environment of the University of Patras to ensure that the paper/poster will be included in the e-Proceedings.



Selected papers presented at the PRE XV conference, will be published in three different scientific journals, after significant revision and peer-review.

Conference Topics

  • Agricultural practices and environment
  • Air quality and contamination control
  • Climate change impacts and adaptation measures
  • Cultural and social issues
  • Environmental issues in:
    • education
    • fluid mechanics
    • health & ecotoxicology
    • impact assessment and risk analysis
    • informatics
    • law & economics
    • river basins
    • statistics
  • Modelling transport and fate of pollutants in the environment
  • Natural treatment systems
  • Protection and restoration of ecosystems
  • Protection and restoration of coastal zone and open sea waters
  • River & open channel hydraulics
  • Rural and urban hydrology
  • Sediment transport and erosion control
  • Smart environmental systems
  • Soft and renewable energy sources
  • Solid waste management
  • Sustainable architecture, planning and development
  • Waste minimization and pollution prevention
  • Wastewater treatment and management
  • Water governance and conflict resolution for sustainable development
  • Water resources management and contamination control



Selected papers presented at the PRE XV conference, will be published in the following scientific journals, after significant revision and peer-review.


Environmental Processes

Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy

Desalination and Water Treatment



Keynote Speakers

Koutsoyiannis Demetris
                 Short CV     Keynote talk                   


Lyberatos Gerasimos

Short CV          Keynote talk


Papanicolaou Thanos
                      Keynote talk


Tsihrintzis Vassilios
Short CV          Keynote talk



Excellent Scientists Awards

The Scientific Committee of the PRE XV Conference invites applicants for Excellent Scientists Awards (ESA), one for the best paper and another one for the best poster.


To qualify applications for the ESA program, the applicant

  1. must be either student or post-doc. Post-doc should have taken a doctoral degree within the last 5 years.
  2. should be the first author as well as the presenting author.

Each ESA applicant must submit his/her CV and a proper certificate via the online system


The applicant must also pay the fee of 50 Euros per paper or poster after its final acceptance via the secure payment environment of the University of Patras.


Applications will be reviewed by the PRE XV Excellent Scientists Program Committee, and two (2) awardees will be selected (1 paper with an oral presentation and 1 poster).